Importance Of Professional Photos In Home Selling

There is a great importance of professional photographs in home selling. Most of the home purchasers are using internet for searching houses and hence listing photos is a very crucial factor in selling homes quickly and with a good profit.

A study discovered that homes priced between 200,000 dollars and one million dollars sold for an average of 3,400 dollars to 11,200 dollars more than their listing costs when photographed professionally rather than homes with blurred and low quality pictures. It is also found that the houses listed between $400,000 and $499,999 incorporating lots of professional photographs sold out for 11,200 dollars more than the listing cost. 

Houses with professional photos are likely to sell out within six months. Sixty-four percent of homes priced between $400,000 to $500,000 sold within 6 months, contrasted with 46 percent of homes with low quality photos. Moreover, professionally photographed houses in a million dollar range sold 4 days faster.  

A recent study shows that the sharpness in the photos is also important. Whether it’s the matter of bright color of the walls or greenery of the yard, a sharper photograph brings out the beauty of your house. The sharpest ten percent photos sold at or more than listing value 44 percent, while postings with normal sharpness sold at or above list price, just 13 %.

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